Cody_Jackson3 I’m Cody Jackson, a computer science major at CSU Sacramento, and boy, do I love tinkering with computers and network hardware. I’ve learned most of my computing knowledge through research and hands-on implementation (and, on occasion, by picking up the pieces after an experiment goes sideways). I’m a dedicated student and a volunteer tutor for the Computer Science department.

I’ve used various Linux distributions over the past decade. Currently, the farm is running CentOS 5/6, (X)Ubuntu 12.04.3 and 14.04, and OpenSuse 12.3. I also have Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 on a few computers. And I finally have a Mac! (Finally!)

My hobbies and interests include music (particularly jazz and blues, but anything will do), creative writing, and art. I play electric blues guitar in my spare time and am slowly learning to paint in watercolor.

I often write about my shiny HughesNet modem, but I am not affiliated with HughesNet in any way other than being a customer.


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  1. Patti
    Patti December 12, 2013 at 4:56 pm |

    Hello Cody,

    Thanks so much for your clear writing that even a lay person can (somewhat) understand. I found your site a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how to stop buffering during a live webcast. Now I am sad I did not print out all the info I read in various places because I can’t find it.

    As a musician, I have a feeling you may understand my plight. We are huge Phish fans and are trying to figure out how to watch live webcasts with no buffering. We signed on to Hughes Net exactly one year ago this month and we watched our first webcast for four nights over New Year’s 2012. It worked flawlessly for four nights. I don’t know what changed but this summer every time we tried to watch a live webcast, it would buffer at the worst possible moments during the show. Sometimes it even became unwatchable. Would using Google DNS or Open DNS solve that problem or are there more steps I need to take? There is another four night New Year’s Eve run coming up in a couple weeks and I want another flawless couch tour!! BTW, if you haven’t tuned in, I highly suggest doing so, while Phish isn’t for everybody, most music lovers can find something they like about Phish.

    I should also mention, that a few weeks ago we successfully watched an entire show after I switched us to Google DNS. This show however was in our “stash” online. It was not live. So I am guessing that probably makes a difference.

    Many thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. Sean
    Sean November 5, 2014 at 8:42 am |

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your HughsNet BitTorrent experience. The same thing happened to me on the Exede 12 satellite system but more extreme. I have a remote site running 3 cameras (no PC) that have not changed in 2 years, usually run 12 Gb a month of upload video (1 frame a minute). All of a sudden I run out of my 15 Gb a month allotment in 20 days. I shut down my cameras and I was still uploading 84 megabytes an hour…that is 48 Gb a month (19 hours a day)! Many phone calls to Exede to explain that all was shut down except my router and it could not generate 84 Mb an hour of data. They were not impressed…so sad, too bad. Now your explanation fits what happened. I turned off all equipment at the site and turned it back on recently. I see my router has a different WAN IP address and NO phantom packets! I am back in business with an understanding of what happened.
    Thank you,


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