Furry Octo Pancake

I am proud to release the results of my eight-day game programming challenge, and my first VR game in Unity for Google Cardboard: Furry Octo Pancake. It was inspired by Brian Kehrer’s Cardboard Design Lab and MICKSoftware’s Whispering Eons #0

In this short exploration game, you (a detective) must investigate a missing persons report in a high tech, futuristic city. Requires Google Cardboard to play.

The game is open source; I hope other developers find it useful! My code and assets are released under the Apache 2.0 License; some of the other assets have their own licenses (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA) and these licenses are noted in the NOTICE file.


Beauty shot of the office

Beauty shot of the buildings

Editor view.


APK build here



Explore the source at Github

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Thanks to the supportive gamedev community at /r/gamedev, /r/unity3d, and /r/googlecardboard. Also many thanks to Stephen for offering UX and gameplay advice. Thanks to Mark Sparling for the music.